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For emergencies in the evening, public holidays and weekends, you can contact: Evening and weekend service Amsterdam by phone: 020 - 303 45 00.

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Make an appointment

You can make an appointment by phone number:
020 - 488 99 39 or e-mail: info@tkwp.nl

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You can make an appointment with us by phone number:
020 - 488 99 39 or e-mail: info@tkwp.nl

Dental Clinic Westerpark
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Our Team


A. Feiz Barazandeh

BIG number: 19909960202



A. Feiz Barazandeh took his propedeuse in biomedical sciences at the UVA in 2003 but decided to become a dentist. The dynamics of the profession, namely the technical aspect, the science and the care in one. In 2003 he started the dentistry course and graduated in June 2008 as a dentist. Immediately afterwards he started in a referral practice, followed many training courses, had personal training in the clinic and was accepted in 2010 for the post-academic endodontology course at ACTA for which he received his diploma in 2013. He is currently working full-time as a dentist endodontologist in his own practice and is doing additional training in implantology at ACTA. Feiz Barazandeh: 'I love my work and my patients and I also try to get better at everything I do.

More information about dentist A. Feiz Barazandeh: Curriculum Vitae

G. Caraballo Ortiz

BIG number: 19918000202


G. Caraballo Ortiz is a friendly and driven dentist with a special affinity for restorative dentistry. He studied at the University of Sevilla, Spain, and became a certified dentist in 2013. After his study, he followed the course Aesthetics Expert at the same university, which provided him with a job as a restorative dentist in the Netherlands. At our practice, Caraballo Ortiz can provide restorative treatments. He often restores teeth and/or molars after a root canal treatment.

A. Reina

BIG number: 89921607402


C. Boutsioukis

BIG number: 19915387502


D.M. Koutsoumpou

BIG number: 49920412402


D.M. Koutsoumpou graduated as a dentist in 2008 at the University of Athens, Greece. In 2011 she started a full-time training at the Karolinka Institute in Stockholm, Sweden and in 2014 she graduated as an orthodontist. Since then she only works as an orthodontist. She spends most of her time in Greece but comes to the Netherlands every month to perform orthodontics. She is also in the process of obtaining her recognition as an orthodontist in the Netherlands. She has been working since 2014.In her spare time, she likes to watch movies and discover different types of music.

More information about dentist Koutsoumpou